Exchange Your Adult Niche Traffic!

  • Please read this entire page carefully.

  • What is this system for? Very simple - imagine that you have TGP/CJ mainly oriented towards Teen niche, but in order to increase it's efficiency you have text link block somewhere at the bottom with a links of a kind "Big Tits", "Mature","Gay", and some surfers who interested in those niches click them. Naturally it doesn't make much sence to send this traffic to your traders as they are mostly Teen as well. And indeed it doesn't make any sence to try to trade with niche traders that way, because you have very few of that traffic. This is what this system is ment for - you can send this niche traffic which is of no much use to you here and get some other, more suitable for you niche traffic in return.

  • You need to register in the system and you will be able to get links with your ID where to send your niche traffic, and also you will be able to specify URLs of your pages where you want to receive specific niche traffic to.

  • In present time the system is not taking any traffic to my behalf, however in future it's going to take no more than 10% of traffic as a payment for my work in order to create and maintain this system.

  • Please understand that this system tries to clean up hitbots and other shit, so not all the traffic you send will be credited, also normally you get back less traffic than you send due to various losses. Indeed it's not just 10% as Chokers or TrafficBack system return, this system tries to return as much traffic as it receives. You can count on 70%, if you send valued traffic yourself. Also, system tries to return as much unique traffic as possible, even if you send pretty much non unique traffic (but not entirely non unique, indeed).

  • Please understand, that while this sustem has few participants it can work improperly. For instance, the traffic can be send into inappropriate niche if the appropriate niche doesn't have enough pages. Also it may send higer % of non uniqe traffic than it should. In these conditions traffic can be counted improperty. Please understand that I cannot do anything about this, you can only help me by bringing more webmasters in here. When system has enough of participants it will be functioning efficiently.

  • Do not send shitty traffic here like console. This system is built so that if you send bad traffic - you will get bad traffic back. Though it's not shown in the stats in order to make it harder to cheat, this system valuates traffic by many parameters - referrer, cookie, proxy and junk countries. Thus - what you send is what you get.

  • You can send traffic from any page you like - Top, TGP/CJ, gallery, freesites, etc. but you have to use targeted niche links (text or pic). For example, you can sent mature traffic through text link "Mature Porn", or through the pic with mature lady(better to write "Mature Porn" below it). If you will send console - you will get console back. Even if you succeed to cheat the system, your account will be blacklisted if someone notice you send console.

  • You can send exout traffic of your niche CJ, but remember that it's being cleaned up from hitbots, so the amout of valued traffic will be much less than amount of sent traffic (because exout traffic usually contains a lot of hitbots).

  • You can receive traffic to any page your like - Top, TGP/CJ, galleries, freesites, etc. but you must have proper niche content there and your pages have to be clean - no exploits, dialers, opener/parent JS code.

  • If it is noticed that some of your pages where your receive traffic to, contains exploits, dialers, JS opener/parent code or illegal content (underage, bestiality) - all the domains with your account will be instantly blacklisted.
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Godess Mira

2.8 Pentium 4
80Gb HDD
1200GB Monthly Traffic
AboveNet Backbone
10Mbit Port
Excellent for small CJ sites
2.4 Celeron
80Gb HDD
20Mbit Unmetered
(not shared; up to 6000G monthly)
Cogent Backbone
Excellent for Galleries and Movies
2.8 Pentium 4 HT
2x120Gb HDD
20Mbit Unmetered
(not shared; up to 6000G monthly)
Cogent Backbone
Excellent for big CJ sites